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> On 8/29/06, Henning Makholm

>> My concrete need is that I edit bitmaps with a specific color
>> convention - they can be seen e.g. at <http://dk.trackmap.net/a>.  I
>> use a system of ad-hoc software to convert the bitmap source to the
>> vector versions linked to below the image; this software depends on
>> the exact colormap in the picture, because different colors should be
>> vectorized in different ways.

> This need could be solved using layer-masks and threshold. Or to
> attack the problem with an unstable dialect of xml:

I'm not sure I can see what you're getting at, but are you suggesting
that I use a seperate layer for each color? That would make any kind
of editing extremely painful.

When I saw it, I thought so too.
However, remember this is GEGL being discussed here. *GIMP* might well provide a way to back-propagate the result of an Op in the graph, which should take care of this okay.
By back-propagate i mean, you draw on a layer, it get quantized before display -- and you can propagate that change back to the original layer.
It seems a highly desireable option to me, even for non-quantized images.

(nor is GEGL in any way suited to implement back-propagation of the sort you described. It goes against its data model; Whereas this is suitable for GIMP to implement.)
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