Hi all,

I plan to email the GIMP's Summer of Code students a small number of
questions relating to their experiences of the Summer of Code with the GIMP.

It's important for us as a project to evaluate how we're doing with new
contributors, and accept criticism which helps us improve. The Summer of
Code is an ideal opportunity to evaluate how our community is doing at
welcoming new contributors. Such feedback will also be important for
future Summer of Code initiatives (or similar projects) to establish
from the get-go what we can do to make contributing a pleasant experience.

I have a list of 10 questions, which I think is a nice number, split
roughly into 3 groups: evaluation of the mentor, the community and the
project overall. Any comments people have are welcome - I plan to send
these out after the weekend, but hopefully before students find out if
they were successful or not.

== Mentor ==
 * Overall, was your mentor helpful in your SoC project? (Very helpful:
Moderately helpful - Answered my questions, but I expected more: Was not
very responsive: No help at all)
 * Would you ask your mentor for help again if you continue to work on
the GIMP? (Definitely: Probably not)
 * Did your mentor meet your expectations? (Exceeded expectations: Met
expectations: Did not meet expectations)

== Community ==
 * How has your experience with the GIMP developer community been?
(Excellent: Good: Poor: No interraction)
 * Have you found it easy to get involved in the project and find your
way around the various resources that exist? (Yes: No)
 * Which of the following ressources have you used during your SoC
project (Personal email to my mentor: public mailing lists: Wiki: CVS:
Bugzilla: IRC)
 * How would you evaluate each of these ressources in terms of its
usefulness to your project? (Excellent: Good: Poor: Horrible)

== Project ==
 * Would you recommend to a friend that they work on the GIMP if they
wanted to get involved in free software? (Definitely: Probably not)
 * Would you recommend to a friend that they contact your mentor to get
involved in the GIMP? (Definitely: Probably not)
 * Overall, how has your experience of SoC been?

David Neary

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