Florent Monnier wrote:
> (I haven't found for the xcf comment in this draft, perhaps I have missed it?)

It's tricky - the comment is stored in a parasite, and in the spec you
have the following:

> Parasites
> ---------
> A second level of extensibility is provided by the "parasite"
> concept. A parasite is analogous to a property (and is usually stored
> in a special property in the XCF file) but is identified by a string
> rather than a number. This makes a larger namespace available for
> parasites.  Gimp plug-ins can access the parasites of an image
> component through a generic API and can define their own parasite
> names which will be ignored by other plug-ins. In contrast, only the
> Gimp itself should define new property types.
> A list of known parasites and their data formats can be found in the
> file devel-doc/parasites.txt of the Gimp source tree.

And in parasites.txt, there is:

> gimp-comment" (IMAGE, PERSISTENT)
>         Standard GIF-style image comments.  This parasite should be
>         human-readable text in UTF-8 encoding.  A trailing \0 might
>         be included and is not part of the comment.

A parasite is the ideal place to store copyright and licence information
- you could store it in an exif block stored in the "exif-data"
parasite, for example, or perhaps propose some new parasites for
gimp-licence, gimp-copyright, etc.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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