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>Ow, sorry. I'm the co-maintainer of gnome-mag and I'm implementing
>contrast manipulation in it, but I did it in a way that the maintainer
>think that is incorrect. I search a little in google and read some books
>(Digital Image Processing by Gonzalez & Woodz and The Image Processing
>Handbook by Jonh C. Russ) to try to define better contrast manipulation
>in my head, but doesn't find any reasonable answear.
>So I decided to look how it is done in gimp and here start the old mail.

We have had some difficulties with the implementation of this
ourselves.  You might be interested in looking at these bug reports:

Bug 89022 – Brightness & contrast could be improved:

Bug 332068 – Contrast tool gives unexpected results:

Bug 337055 – Brighten/darken should be more realistic:

  -- Bill

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