Hi all,

So, the Summer of Code is finished, and I think that the GIMP's
participation can be called a success.

Out of 8 projects chosen, 6 have successfully completed their goals, or
are well on the way. At least 5 will continue working on the GIMP after
the project is finished, as volunteers, and I'm looking forward to them
polishing the Summer's work and starting new projects afterwards.

All in all, a nice chunk of code, and some new GIMP developers, have
resulted from the Summer of Code, and I'm sure I speak for everyone when
I say that we're eager to participate again in future editions, if they


Here's a roundup:

* Proposal for implementing vector layers in the GIMP
        Hendrik Boom    (Simon Budig)

Henrik's vector layer code is now in CVS, and in the 2.3.11 release.
There are some other features which are in planning.

* New/Extended Brush System
        Philip Lafleur  (Sven Neumann)

Philip has worked on gegl all Summer, and his contributions are helping
make sure that the GIMP 3.0 will be that bit closer, once 2.4 gets out
the door.

* Vanishing point cloning
        Pedro Alonso Ferrer     (Manish Singh)

Pedro's code is in CVS. He has written some nice docs and a tutorial for
the tool.

* Healing Brush
        Kevin Sookocheff        (Manish Singh)

In spite of a shaky start, Kevin has finished a working healing brush,
and will work on solving some of the issues reaining to get it included
in the 2.4 release. The tool as-is is in CVS, and was in the 2.3.11 release.

* Ruby-Gimp scripting.
        Scott Lembcke   (Kevin Cozens)

Scott completed the gimp-ruby bindings brilliantly, and that code is in
the gimp-ruby module of GNOME CVS.

* Proposal for wavelets-based imaging applications in GIMP
        Divyanshu Vats  (Simon Budig)

Divyanshu successfully completed jpeg2000 support, and a number of image
filters integrating wavelet transforms.

Unfortunately, two of the projects didn't result in success.

Save for Web or set of filters
        Smorkalov Andrey Urievich       (William Skaggs)

Andrey started well, and apparently stopped work on the project after
the mid-term evaluations.

GIMP resources repository
        Lauris Bukšis-Haberkorns        (Michael Schumacher)

Similarly, Lauris took a vacation after the midterm evaluations, and on
his return apparently did not continue work on the plug-in and resources
distribution system.

Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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