On 9/10/06, David Neary wrote:

A couple of extra questions

* Proposal for wavelets-based imaging applications in GIMP
        Divyanshu Vats  (Simon Budig)

Divyanshu successfully completed jpeg2000 support, and a number of image
filters integrating wavelet transforms.

Divyanshu's blog has no download links, registry.gimp.org knows
nothing about "wavelet" and it's not clear if his code is going to
make its way to 2.4 or after 2.4, or will be available as plug-ins at
registry.gimp.org sometime later. Any updates on this please?

Save for Web or set of filters
        Smorkalov Andrey Urievich       (William Skaggs)

Andrey started well, and apparently stopped work on the project after
the mid-term evaluations.

Considered he started well, is there some initial code for others to start from?

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