Thanks for your ideas.  If you want to play around with Lanczos, you
might benefit by looking over the enhancement requests and bug reports
relating to it:

Bug 162250 – Feature Request: Better image scaling algorithms.

Bug 343576 – Lanczos resize not "the best"

Bug 167956 – scaling image causes an offset, particularly with Lanczos

Bug 355178 – transformation tools with Lanczos interpolation brighten the result

The Lanczos algorithm does not use a 3x3 matrix.  The code for
Lanczos lives in two places:

app/paint-funcs/scale-funcs.c -- for the "scale image" and "scale layer"

app/core/gimpdrawable-transform.c -- for the transform tools

As Sven pointed out, this code has been changing pretty rapidly in
an effort to make it robust enough for inclusion in the upcoming
2.4 release, so it would be best to look at cvs HEAD if you want to
avoid seeing things that are already obsolete.

  -- Bill

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