>From: Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>I don't think such a thing can be implemented without massive changes to
>the internals. But why would your users want such a behaviour? And what
>are your users?

As I seem to have requested similar functionality, I would like to
know what are these internals. Could you point me to the files
which has the mentioned internals.

For example, I open an image and create a new view (View/New View menu).
Then when I use the rectangle selection tool, the solid line is visible
only in one view. The selection's non-solid line becomes visible in
both views.

Why the tool's solid line is not visible in both views? What code file
controls it?
Why the selection's non-solid line is visible in both views? What code file
controls it?
Why the path or other objects would not be visible in both views?

I had one solution to the problem earlier:
I suggested the tool plugins and a vector/geometry layer (perhaps
different consept than what got implemented this summer). The example
tool was the rectangle tool, where the tool's solid line was added to
a temporary vector layer. The solid line would have been visible in
both views trivially because the vector layer would had been part of
the image itself.

I have a perfect solution ;-) too but I would like to check the
internals first.

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