On Mon, 2006-09-18 at 21:40 +0200, Peter Karp wrote:

> I assume that RGB and CMYK space are the default spaces for new
> pictures and that it can be assigend to untagged pictures? For what is
> CMYK space used when Gimp does not support CMYK editing of files or
> have I overseen that this will be possible with Gimp 2.3/2.4?

The CMYK default colorspace is supposed to be used by the CMYK color
selector as well as by plug-ins that want to offer export to CMYK.

> 2) I loaded a picture which has an embedded profile, but I found that
> the embedded profile is not honored (of course the mode "colormanaged
> monitor" was active).
> That's a 'must have' for a colormanaged image editor.

We know that. Colormanagement is still unfinished and it's not
considered to do anything useful yet. You are loooking at a rough
prototype. I hope that I can get back to hacking on color management

> 3) In addition to 2) I could not find an option to assign or in the
> other case convert a file from one color space to the other. That's
> also a very important function which is possible with lcms and which
> must be present.
> 4) From 2) and 3) will follow that one has to make a decision what to
> do when a picture profile does not match the default RGB working space
> (as long as Gimp does not support CMYK editing). Photoshop allows to
> choose
>       a) "no colormanagement"
>       b) assign profile (Combo box with installed profiles)
>       c) convert to  profile (Combo box with installed profiles)

This is all planned.

Your comments are however quite useful and I would very much appreciate
if you could have a look at color management again as soon as the
implementation has come forward a little.


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