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is this such a common mouse and are the users of such a mouse unable to
set the default themselves?

Unless you're used to IBM workstations (or old Macs), then yes, wheel mice
are common - I bought my first one about 10 years ago, and I haven't seen
wheelless mice sold in a long time (except for Mac users).

OTOH, touchpads and pointing sticks on laptops don't have scroll wheels. They often even don't feature middle mouse buttons, though I have never understood exactly why. And IIRC nowadays more laptops are sold than desktops.

It seems that more and more applications start to rely more or less heavily on middle mouse buttons and/or scrollwheels (Gimp and Google Earth come to mind), which is a bit annoying as my laptop is my main machine.

Of course, people can just attach a proper mouse to their laptop if/when they use it for serious graphical work. Which is a good idea anyway; a touchpad is way too imprecise.

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