On 9/21/06, Roel Schroeven wrote:

OTOH, touchpads and pointing sticks on laptops don't have scroll wheels.

Sorry to disappoint you, but here on my ASUS M6N there are two ways to
emulate scrolling:

1. Middle touchpad up/down button.
2. Right and bottom borders of the touchpad surface.

Carol, actually, I don't understand your reasoning behind this
question. If we disable this controller by default, the very next
thing that will happen is gazillion of users asking why mousewheel
scrolling doesn't work. No matter how many times you will explain it
in mailing lists, on forums,in documentation -- that will just happen.
And guess who will suffer from spending their precious time on

IMNSHO, removing this setting from defaults should happen only if it
seriously breaks usability for "wheeless" users or even makes work in
GIMP absolutely impossible for them. And this is not that case, right?

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