Manish Singh said:
> On Fri, Sep 22, 2006 at 11:03:48AM +0200, Alex Fernandez wrote:
>>> i cannot give any kind of
>>> logical reason for it and probably you should do the right thing and
>>> trash this suggestion of mine.
>> Yes, it is the usual email pollution.
> You're guilty of the same. Looking at the archives, you speak up far
> more often to criticize others than to contribute constructively.
> Heed your own words and stop being a hypocrite.

Alex (and others who don't know),

Yosh is the maintainer of the gimp.org domain, including subdomains and
email addresses. He holds all the power over our DNS, SSH access, IRC,
mail servers and so on. He also remains somewhat connected to XCF in
Berkeley, where our mail servers continue to be housed.

So if there seems to be a lack of coherence in the gimp.org policies,
yosh is the man to talk to (in fact, I would like to hear his opinions
on that subject on-list).


David Neary

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