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Five days ago version 1.1.0 of Tiny-Fu was released for use with the 2.3/CVS versions of GIMP. Work on the 1.1 version of Tiny-Fu began just over a year ago. Tiny-Fu 1.1 has been stable enough in use with the 2.3/CVS version of GIMP for a few months but other projects (Google SoC and the major update to my web site) delayed the creation of the release and its announcement.

With the release of version 1.1.0, there are two main versions of Tiny-Fu. The 1.0 versions are for use with the 2.2 versions of GIMP. The 1.1 versions are for use with the 2.2 (and current CVS) versions of GIMP.

Although Tiny-Fu 1.0 versions may work with the 2.3/CVS GIMP when linked with a 2.3/CVS version of libgimp I have not tested this combination of Tiny-Fu and GIMP and do not plan to support it. If you want to use Tiny-Fu with 2.3/CVS versions of GIMP I suggest you stick to using 1.1 versions. You will get the additional benefit of some new features and bug fixes compared to the 1.0 versions.

A tarball of version 1.1.0 of Tiny-Fu is available at:

All versions of Tiny-Fu up to and including 1.1.0 have been able to co-exist with Script-Fu. This has facilitated testing and debugging of Tiny-Fu until now. Current plans for the next release will mean that Tiny-Fu and Script-Fu can no longer be installed and available at the same time. This change is being made in the interest of simplifying the transition to Tiny-Fu from Script-Fu.

Highlights of the changes since the 1.0.x release:

- Updated to use version 1.37 of the TinyScheme interpreter.

- Changes to the build requirements.

    * Build requires GIMP version 2.3.10 or higher.
    * Updated to require newer versions of build tools.

- Some minor enhancements.

    * CSS color keywords can be used in place of the '(r g b) color notation.
    * Added support for SF-ENUM type
      constants for use in Tiny-Fu

- Numerous changes and bug fixes.

    * Re-enabled "Browse" button now that the procedure browser is a widget
      called GimpProcBrowserDialog. Fixes bug #165009.

- Changes to script files.

    * scripts/gradient-example.sct: Draw gradient with the users colors.
    * scripts/reverse-layers.sct: New script
    * scripts/image-structure.sct: Removed script (see bug #307016).
    * Other minor changes and/or fixes to script files.

- Updates to many of the string translation files.

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