On Fri, 22 Sep 2006 11:23:38 +0200, "Michael Schumacher" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> Come to think of it, there's probably no reason why anyone should use a
> gimp.org address for arbitrary messages to the mailing lists. They are good
> for automated things like the bugs list or could be used for stricly
> project-releated stuff like release announcements or other specific roles -
> ftpmaster, webmaster and such. 

I disagree: these gimp.org addresses are useful and I do not think
that they should only be restricted to "official" communications, as
long as they are used in a reasonable way.

I have received many messages from people using an address ending in
gnome.org, kde.org, freedesktop.org, debian.org or several other
project-related domains and I never considered them to be an official
statement of the project unless they explicitely said so.  Most of the
time, this was a developer stating a personal opinion.  When these
messages were sent to mailing lists (even lists related to other
projects), I don't think that anybody was confused about whether they
represented some official position or not.  Granted, the authors are
usually careful about not using terms like "we" or "the developers"
while stating a personal opinion.  But I do not think that the policy
for using the gimp.org addresses should be very different from what
other projects are doing.

It is up to the domain owner or administrator (Yosh in our case) to
decide who gets a gimp.org address and how such addresses may or may
not be used.  Personally, I am glad to have a gimp.org address because
it allows me to handle my gimp-related mail more efficiently.  It
allows me to send messages from home or from work using the same
sender address, ensuring that all replies will go to the same address
(Reply-To is unreliable).  That address is forwarded to a computer
from which I can download e-mail easily regardless of where I am.  I
do not think that I have ever used my gimp.org e-mail address publicly
in a way that would intentionally misrepresent the project and I hope
to keep on using it for as long as I contribute to the project.

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