Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
Is it planned to provide documentation for script-fu developers to
help them porting their stuff to 2.4, whether the switch to Tiny-Fu
occurs or not? Will there be some updated docs like for beginners?

I don't have any current plans to provide any additional documentation on porting scripts from Script-Fu to Tiny-Fu other than the basic information I already have on the web page. I am considering adding some extra information about dealing with the difference in how to work with items of type STRING_ARRAY.

What I know is that In Tiny-Fu's CVS repo there is a document that
looks like a draft: and
it's 23 months old.

That file was part of the original TinyScheme source. It has some useful information for script writers. There is a section in the middle that is only of interest/use to those people working on programs that want (or do) embed TinyScheme in a larger program.


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