I just saw (on IRC) a confused user of gimp 2.2.11 who was not able to
move a part of an image to a different place.  Despite some advice
from edhel and myself telling him to just drag the selected area to a
different place, it did not work.  And we could not understand what
was wrong... until he found the solution and told us that he was
trying to use the Move tool to move the selected area.  Of course if
he had not switched to the Move tool and used the selection tools
instead, this would have worked as expected.  It is just that this
user expected the Move tool to be able to move the selection contents,
not just whole layers or selection masks or paths.

We may have a usability problem here...  In the current CVS version,
the old way of just dragging the selection does not work anymore.  You
have to use Ctrl-Alt-Drag or Shift-Alt-Drag in order to perform this
operation.  (Note that currently, this does not work for the rectangle
and ellipse selection tools until the selection has been confirmed).
Although the status bar messages try to help a bit, this feature is a
bit hidden now.

So I am wondering...  What should be the behavior of the Move tool
when a selection exists?  Wouldn't it be good to have the ability to
move the selected pixels (and create a floating selection) instead of
moving the whole layer?  This could be optional (new checkbox in the
tool options) because sometimes it is also useful to move the whole
layer while keeping the selection intact.  But I guess that it would
be better to have the new option active by default.

If we do not offer this option or another easy way to move the
selected pixels, I am afraid that this could become a new FAQ once 2.4
is out.

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