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It seems that for consistency the Move tool should act like a
transform tool --- because after all, it *is* a transform tool.
That is, if there is a selection, it should move the contents
of the selection, otherwise it should move the layer.

  -- Bill

I pick up on this because I think it illustrates very well a major short-coming in the user interface of the GIMP. It is developer-centric not user-centric.

Bill, to you it *is* a transform tool because you are close to the code and you know the way is it implemented. To the user it *is not* a transform tool. It's just a tool off the palette like any other that is called "Move" and that carries the hint "move layers, selections and other objects".

The user makes a selection then picks the move tool to move it. "The fool!" you cry.

Well what do you expect him to do? That seems like a perfectly logical way to do it and I would bet you 9/10 new users will do exactly that.

You might see it as a lateral translation effected by simple transform matrix multiplication. The user just wants to move a bit to one side.

I think this larger issue needs looking at from the top down. Gimp has gradually built up around the code. The USER interface now needs to be reorganised from a user (task oriented) point of view.

I had already thought of opening a bug on this point.

Many thanks to Raphaël for bringing it up.

BTW How do I move a rectangular selection ?! I don't mean move the selection outline, how do I move the part of the image selected?

And while we're here , why is the rect selection tool not on the palette with the ellipse and free-style tools, do I really have to go off to Tools | Selection Tools | Rectangle ?
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