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> 2d/ I set a value , eg rotation degrees or scale percent. Next time I pull > up the dlg it's back to NOP settings : zero degrees or 100% scaling. Now I > dont necessarily want the same value but one thing it's sure I dont need
> is a NOP. Last entered value would be a better starting point.

Hmmm...  I am not too sure about that.  One the one hand it would not
be too hard to remember the last values and the user could easily
click on the nice Reset button if these values are not appropriate for
the next image.  On the other hand, I would probably be surprised to
see my image (preview) instantly rotated, shrunk or distorted as soon
as I activate one of the transform tools.

Indeed. The image is also not filled with the last used color if the
user switches to the Bucket Fill tool. Doing this for the transform
tools would be very inconsistent.


Yes there are inconsistencies already here. Rotate and shear behave differently and bucket-fill does not revert to black and white every time you use it.

Bucket-fill remembers its settings but does not apply them until you ask. Rotate shows the selection outline rotated but not the pixels so if it remembered this would work well without arbitarily transforming the image before required.

If the other transforms were made consistant with rotate, all could retain values and you would have the best of both worlds and be more consistant than the current situation.

What do you think would be the best way to align these differences?
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