On Mon, 2006-10-02 at 23:56 -0400, Kevin Cozens wrote:
> mitch wrote:
> > I just comitted a change that moves all tool error messages that
> > can happen when clicking the image to the image window's statusbar,
> > using the new gimp_statusbar_push_temp() API.
> I will have to see how this works in practice. I have some doubts as to 
> whether this is a good idea. For myself I'm not that used to looking at the 
> statusbar for tool related messages. I would be concerned whether important 
> messages might be missed if they are only in the status bar.

Kevin, these messages are hardly ever shown. They only exist to catch
the unrecoverable case where the user tries to do something impossible.
We could simply do nothing. After all the cursor already indicates that
the tool is not usable.

> It would also 
> take longer to read messages in the statusbar when the image windows is not 
> wide enough to display the entire message at once. You would have to wait for 
> the message to scroll through the statusbar in order to read all of it 
> compare 
> to seeing it all at once if was in a pop up dialog box.

Scroll through? The messages don't scroll.

I think you are making a problem out of nothing here. There are so many
important things that we need to figure out before 2.4. Could we try to
concentrate on these?


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