On Thu, 2006-10-05 at 21:10 -0700, Saul Goode wrote:
> > Unless anyone objects, I would like to commit a trivial patch tomorrow
> > that disables Script-Fu by default in configure.in.  It will still be
> > possible to use the old interpreter by using --enable-script-fu
> > explicitely, but otherwise Script-Fu should be considered as obsolete.
> I should like to try out Tiny-fu on its own but I have been unable to
> compile the GIMP without Script-fu. I have performed an uninstall, make
> clean, and configured with the --disable-script-fu but SIOD is still
> installed.

You used 'make uninstall' after reconfiguring with --disable-script-fu,
didn't you? Anyway, why don't you just manually remove the script-fu
plug-in from the GIMP plug-ins directory?


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