Philip Ganchev wrote:
> On 10/12/06, Jakub Steiner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>> The two major use cases when this would be a more efficient interface is
>> for us GIMPers who already know what functionality they want and don't
>> need to go three levels deep, but also for novice users for who it will
>> perhaps be easier to search for 'replace color' instead of browsing
>> through the menu tree. If filters and functions have some additional
>> metadata, providing for example name of the same functionality in
>> competing graphic packages, things would become easier to discover for
>> novices.
> I agree that the commands should be searchable by many terms.  But I
> think all terms should be part of the description, not be metadata.

We should probably check how emacs does this - the M-x whatever-command
is pretty close to this proposal, and there are ways to seach for
specific commands as well.


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