The demand for a way of combining various text colors and fonts,
along with other features in gimp text is high - even I myself need 
these features a lot.

So, several months ago I started a plug-in to work around the text 
tool and provide some of these features, like the Dynamic Text did in 
the old times.

I came back to it today, poured in some hacking time, and came up
with a first usefull, if little, version.

It can: 
create a "text" layer with varying font-family, sizes and colors. 
All left aligned.

Edit back such a layer.

The major drawback right now is that one has to select a portion of 
the text after it was typed in, and then select the font (family and 
size) and color to apply to that text.

There are quite a few other bugs - but I find it rather usefull 

People interested, please, give a try:

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