> gg wrote:
> I also find as a user that menus often go too deep.
> One sub-menu is acceptable , two starts to get unwieldy. Eg. I ofter
> a selection and Paste As New , this is three levels deep. I'd like to
> this at the same level as Cut:  Cut | Paste | Paste as New. I crated a  
> hot-key as a work around but as others have said , I would rather keep
> eyes on the screen except for typing numbers etc.

Is there a reason you don't use tear-off menus? Having small sub-menus
actually enhances this utility.

> Another improvement would to clean up some menus. The Blur menu seems to  
> contain several, largely equivalent filters. Two would suffice and could  
> be incorporated into Enhance.

Which two would suffice? Personally, I find all of them useful and I
wouldn't recommend combining filters that use different algorithms into
one interface -- not only would this complicate maintenance and
development but menu grouping is a great indicator of a command's function.

> I also created a bug about making sure sub-menus did not jump from one  
> side to the other. This is appalling from a usability point of view but  
> the comment did not get a very positive response.

If your proposal were accepted, there would be reports submitted
complaining that all the submenus appear on the left when there might be
only one that's overly-long. My preference is to minimize the number of
times that my eyes have to "jump" from the far right of menu text to the
far left of sub-menu (much less appalling to just "continue reading left
to right"). 

> Some real basics like flip and rotating an image to straighten it up  
> should be on the image menu.

Erm, they are.

> Some anomolies could be looked at, I can free-rotate a layer but not an  
> image.

Erm, you can. 

> Colors | Retinex  ?? What's that supposed to tell the user?

It tells me that it performs an operation called Retinex on the image.
If I did not know what the word Retinex meant then, just like any other
word with which I was unfamiliar, I would look it up. If Retinex is an
inaccurate description of the processing taking place, a change in name
might be called for but otherwise I would submit that the purpose of the
GIMP is not to serve as a dictionary of graphics terms.

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do 
not care who gets the credit." -- Harry S. Truman
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