On Wed, 2006-10-11 at 19:29 +0000, Richard Hirner wrote:

> Related to bug #157880:
> As far as I have seen, there are 3 methods for recent file lists in GIMP 2.3:
> 1) ~/.recently-used
> 2) ~/.gimp-2.3/documents
> 3) GtkRecentManager (new with Gtk 2.10)
> Is this correct? What is the difference between 1) and 2)?

No, it isn't. We don't use GtkRecentManager yet. We will probably switch
to using it with GIMP 2.6. Until then ~/.recently-used is being used as
the established way desktop-wide way to store recently used files as
defined by the respective Free Desktop spec. The documents file
in .gimp-2.3 is GIMP specific. The advantage is that it works on all
platforms. But we will probably want to drop it as soon as we start to
use GtkRecentManager.


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