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From:  Raphaël Quinet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To:  gimp-developer@lists.XCF.Berkeley.EDU
Subject:  Re: [Gimp-developer] Switch to Tiny-Fu, end of Script-Fu maintenance?
Date:  Sat, 14 Oct 2006 02:08:38 +0200
>On Fri, 13 Oct 2006 11:42:25 -0400, Kevin Cozens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > My source tree of CVS GIMP now contains a Tiny-Fu'd version of Script-Fu. The
> > changes are available as patch files ready to be reviewed. I am now waiting on
> > a final ok before the changes will be commited to CVS.
>Consider this to be a conditional OK from my side.  I have discovered a
>number of bugs in your patches, but they can be fixed easily so I trust
>you for fixing them before committing them.
> > Sven suggested I provide the URL to where I have placed information and
> > patches regarding updating Script-Fu as some other people may wish to review
> > the changes.
> >
> > The URL is
> >
> > At that location you will find a README file and three patches. The README
> > file contains some basic information about the patch files and how they are to
> > be used. As stated in the README, you will also need three directories and a
> > few other files from Tiny-Fu. The total size of the patch files is about 928k.
>Anybody who tries to apply these patches would be well advised to pay close
>attention to the README file first.  ;-)  Maybe it will be updated to cover
>some of the points that I will mention in this message, but for the moment
>you also have to take care of the following:
>- script-fu.patch and wrapper.patch have to be applied from one level above
>   your top gimp dir, or from the top dir using "-p1"
>- But scripts.patch should be applied from within plug-ins/script-fu/scripts
>- The README does not mention that you also have to copy contactsheet.scm,
>   tiny-fu-set-cmap.scm, ts-helloworld.scm from tiny-fu's scripts dir (and
>   rename tinu-fu=* to script-fu-*)
>- You have to run "make" at least once from the top-level directory so that
>   configure rebuilds your Makefiles (if you are in maintainer mode).  You can
>   also re-rerun
>Once this is done, you will probably discover a couple of bugs (they might
>be fixed by the time you read this):
>- gimp-labels.scm is missing a quote at the end of lines 130 and 145
>- sota-chrome-logo.scm has a "e" instead of "(" before line 200
>- Some scripts such as waves-anim.scm or spinning-globe.scm do not
>   initialize some variables that should be initialized to 0.  When you
>   run them, you will get an error saying that ">" or "<" is used with
>   an argument that is not numeric.  This is easy to fix by searching for
>   the operation ">" or "<" and making sure that the variable is correctly
>   initialized to 0.
>Regarding the latter bug (which occurs in more than one file), this is also
>related to a stylistic change that I do not like very much.  Basically,
>declarations like this:
>   (let ((var1 (expr1))
>         (var2 (expr2)
>         ...)
>    ...)
>were rewritten in the following way:
>   (let ((var1)
>         (var2)
>         ...)
>    (set! var1 (expr1))
>    (set! var2 (expr2))
>    ...)
>I prefer the old style, especially when the expressions are relatively
>short.  This didn't worry very much when these changes were in Tiny-Fu CVS
>because I thought that it would be changed back later, but now it looks like
>these changes are here to stay.  The old style makes the code more compact
>and easier to read (IMHO).  Besides, my old LISP professor told me to avoid
>(set! ...) whenever possible and claimed that LISP machines worked better
>when the declarations were in the (let ...).  I have never verified that
>dubious claim, but I still try to avoid set! whenever possible.
>Anyway, I assume that these bugs will be fixed soon because most of them are
>rather minor.  Once they have fixed, you have my OK for committing (unless
>someone else objects).  I will probably be away for about one week so I will
>not be able to comment further on this in the next few days.
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