Quoting the ChangeLog:

2006-10-16  Kevin Cozens  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

        * configure.in: Set enable_python to yes if it wasn't set to no.
        Fixes display of Python status in "Optional Plug-Ins" section.

Does this have any effect on whether or not I'll be able to use PyGimp in Windows (2000)?
I've installed every relevant package*, and upon gimp install, the PyGimp option is available and enabled by default -- but the console doesn't actually show up, nor do any of the Python-based plugins.

I've read the previous few threads, and tried the advice of editing the interpreters file. The entries that I was supposed to add are already there.

This is a binary installation (that is, the system doesn't have a compiler/ development env installed, so installation is from binary packages.). Is there something I might be missing? Will Kevin's quoted change actually fix this in the next released binaries?

*glib, pango, gtk, python, pygtk..
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