Omar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Saul Goode a écrit :
>> The menus that you obtain with a right-click have a dotted line
>> across the top. If you click on that dotted line, a menu window
>> is created with just that sub-menu. By right-clicking on "Edit"
>> and selecting the dotted line at the top of the "Edit->Paste As"
>> sub-menu, you will create a menu dialog that will make the
>> "Paste As New Image" command just a mouse-click away at
>> all times. 

>> Such tear-offs lose their utility if commands are all clumped
>> together on a top-level menu. For this reason, I question the
>> wisdom of the GNOME HIG discouraging nesting of menus
>> (or at least the idea that three levels is excessive, especially
>> if the menu bar is itself to be considered a menu).

> DON'T touch/remove "TEAR-OFF menu"! NEVER! :)
> This is one of the best Gimp's UI concept here.

> ps: sorry to play the intruder in this ML :)

I was worth it. (-:

My sister-in-law uses that feature extensively. She had to use 
PhotoShop recently; the moaning & wailing which ensued about such 
features' absence was incredible. She does professional photography. 
Her site is at

Cheers; Leon
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