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Reading the manual would be helpful for the noob, too!

Which manual ? Gimp? This is not gimp. GTK, Gnome , the "Linux" manual?

This type of comment is either just trying to be smart or a cop-out.

Users, noob or otherwise, should not need to RTFM just to use the menu! To suggest they do means the interface is failing.

This menu issue can be dropped here since it's a gtk feature but this attitude needs a Cntl-X .

Calling things "power-user" features because they are obscure or smuggly saying RTFM when the interface is cryptic will not make Gimp (or anything else) easier to use.

This echos the Corrective Rotation discussion. Some really good features where Gimp could shine are being hidden from the user by poor interface design compounded by a reluctance to review some decisions that may not have been the best choice.

If the user sees something he cant use or cant understand he may be expected to search a specific chapter in the manual to explain it. If a feature is not apparent he's not going to have any reason to search.

Also NO-ONE is going to pick up the manual and read it A-Z , let's not dream. Neither should this be necessary.
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