I see that a new version of GIMP (2.4) is in the works.  I have searched, googled, read and read to find something on what I would like to see (and others in my graphics design group) in GIMP to no avail:
Bucket Fill Erase (to transparency)
Bucket Fill Gradient (configurable by degrees)
Fuzzy Select (and be able to adjust it inward by a pixel or two, or outward)
Tool box (dialog box) to store buttons for shortcuts to frequently used filters and S'Fu (bevel, drop shadow, bump map)
One girl said she'd like to see a toolbar much like the quick launch bar from W98 as an option to the dialog box, but she also loves the dialog box.  (I guess it's the multiple windows thing that bugs her.  I've used the single window plugin only to lose webpages and other open windows within the GIMP "community".) 
I like my clone tool in Adobe Photo Deluxe - it places a cross on the selection and them you "brush" on the image where you want the clone to be.  I find GIMPs clone tool cumbersome in comparison, though I do like being able to outline a selection and clone it.  I see where 2.4 is supposed to have an upgrade.  Crossing my fingers.
I would also like a checkbox in save mode to "save as last used file type", like jpg, png, so GIMP automatically pulls up that plugin last used and saves as that.
(ABOUT ME -don't freak- W98/IE6 GIMP, Adobe Photo Deluxe, Jasc Animation Shop - I do have a new computer with XP but the kids are always on it - had this puter for 7 years with no hardware failures, knock on wood).
Thanks for your time.
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