2. Managed Display - To me mode this should be used for web graphics
and users with the large majority of inkjets which are indeed RGB
devices in that they expect RGB data.

As Hal pointed out, printing is irrelevant in this mode. Behind the scenes, "Managed Display" should be doing a simple Image (or Working Space) Profile -> Monitor Prorfile transform, so that users with a profiled monitor will see the correct colours.

I think the Press Simulation (was Print Simulation on 2.3.12) is intended to be a preview mode so that users can have a better idea what their output will look like on the intended printer/ink/paper combo or other output device and I don't think this has anything to do with the output device being CMYK or RGB. This is also how this works in photoshop.

This mode uses a proofing transform, so that colours are shown on screen as they would appear if rendered on another device - usually a printer or press. Whether this extra device profile is RGB or CMYK matters not one jot (not even at code level).

Why was this renamed to Press Simulation, BTW? This mode is every bit as valid and useful for profiled desktop printers as it is for printing presses - hence it's potentially useful for digital photographers, not just pre-press operatives.

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Alastair M. Robinson
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