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The Photoshop settings I used for opacity were 100%, and Brushes
Palette > Other Dynamics > Opacity control: pen pressure

Gimp settings were Opacity: 100,0 and Pressure sensitivity: Opacity

So, there should be no differences there between the opacity settings
in both apps.

What is it you find fishy? I used a wacom tablet btw.

The large difference between minimum photoshop settings and minimum gimp
settings. I feel that if it's very different, the comparison is not very
useful. Perhaps you are more aware of the exact nature of the difference;
they look very dissimilar to me.

I think you can also set a pressure curve for opacity (or any other variable
pressure can effect.) depending on which version of PS you have, apart from
the settings which you mentioned.

If the settings are indeed correct, then, my comment on this:

PS seems to treat the brush spacing differently when flow is in use.
You mentioned time-based effects - I think PS is treating the brush spacing
as a spacing through time (rather than gimp's interpretation - space) and
maybe also smoothing the stroke by a factor inversely proportional to flow.

If you want more visual examples to work off of, you could look at
OpenCanvas (which is not opensource, ironically. It's a Windows based paint
program.) - it has a drawing method(tool?) which behaves similarly to what
you seem to want.
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