Dear Sirs,

I am a computer science student at the Faculty of Sciences, University of
Porto, Portugal, and I am writing an essay on the topic of "Digital Image
Processing". More specifically, I'm conducting an enquiry on open-source
software for digital image processing purposes. My idea is to collect,
analyse and test the most popular applications, including their
functionalities, user-friendliness, plug-in development facilities, etc. I
have short-listed your software for my survey and would like to know your
availability to contribute to this project. More specifically, I would like
to know your opinion about your software (ease of use, functionalities,
flexibility, etc) and I was wondering if I could send you a small
questionaire that will not take more than 15 minutes to answer.
I will, of course, send you the final copy of my survey (including tests and
conclusions), if you are kind enough to contribute in this project.

Thank you for your attention.
Please contact me or my supervisor (Dr. Miguel Coimbra - [EMAIL PROTECTED] -, if you need any information on this.

Best regards,
Nelson Gomes
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