On 16.12.2006 12:22, David Gowers wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there some way of convincing GIMP to send warning/error/informative
> messages to a useful place on Win32? I have some PyGimp plugins, written
> for Linux GIMP, that either fail to register their procedures or do not run
> properly when I install them on the Win32 platform. Debugging 'blind'
> helped me to fix the plugins that would register OK but crash when running, 
> but in
> order to fix the remainder of them, I need the messages like I get on
> Linux, since that is where the tracebacks show up when a plugin crashes.
> The obvious '-c' parameter given in the man page has no effect, and the
> various documentation on the Windows version doesn't have anything
> relevant.
My gimp build, when asked for the obvious (built-in) documenation, gives

D:\graph\gimp-2.3.13\bin>gimp --help
  gimp [OPTION...] [FILE|URI...]

Help Options:
  -?, --help                     Show help options
  --help-all                     Show all help options
  --help-gtk                     Show GTK+ Options

Application Options:
  -v, --version                  Show version information and exit
  --license                      Show license information and exit
  --verbose                      Be more verbose
  -i, --no-interface             Run without a user interface
  -d, --no-data                  Do not load brushes, gradients, patterns, ...
  -f, --no-fonts                 Do not load any fonts
  -s, --no-splash                Do not show a startup window
  --no-shm                       Do not use shared memory between GIMP and
  --no-cpu-accel                 Do not use special CPU acceleration functions
  --session=<name>               Use an alternate sessionrc file
  --gimprc=<filename>            Use an alternate user gimprc file
  --system-gimprc=<filename>     Use an alternate system gimprc file
  -b, --batch=<command>          Batch command to run (can be used multiple
  --batch-interpreter=<proc>     The procedure to process batch commands with
  --console-messages             Send messages to console instead of using
 a dialog
  --pdb-compat-mode=<mode>       PDB compatibility mode (off|on|warn)
  --stack-trace-mode=<mode>      Debug in case of a crash (never|query|always)
  --debug-handlers               Enable non-fatal debugging signal handlers
  --g-fatal-warnings             Make all warnings fatal
  --dump-gimprc                  Output a gimprc file with default settings
  --display=DISPLAY              X display to use

When started with "gimp --console-messages" the console window remains open
and the redirection works as expected. The shortcut "-c" (for console
messages?) seems to be not implemented, at least not in gimp/app/main.c
where the other command line parameters are declared.

Beware though, that this kind of redirection requires gimp to be build as a
"console application" rather than a "windows application". I don't know if
the 'official' build of gimp for windoze still is.

If you are only interested in the registration process (and don't need a
graphical interface) you also can try to run "gimp-console" rather than
"gimp". The plug-in intialization process is supposed to be the same.


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