if we want to get 2.4 out soon, and I think that's our intention, then
we need to enter string freeze at some point. I'd like to suggest that
we go into a tentative string freeze right now. That means that no
string changes are allowed unless they fix bugs. A misspelled or
grammatically incorrect string is considered a bug and can of course be
fixed. But we should give the translators a chance to start working on
the message catalogs for 2.4. It's not a strict freeze yet, we don't
guarantee that all messages are fixed for 2.4, but there should only be
minor changes and additions from this point.

Before I can announce this on the gnome-i18n list, we should address
http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=141443. This means someone
should go over the gimp-tips and check that they are all correct and
useful for GIMP 2.4.

If you feel that it's too early for a string freeze or have larger
string changes pending, speak up now!


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