hi again
> It's nice to hear from someone who has actually tried working with the 
> Save for Web plug-in.
> At some point of development info was displayed under each view, but I 
> didn't find original info line useful. Why do you think it would be: 
> just for esthetic reasons or does it have some useful functional 
> meaning? I don't know whether it's worth comparing file size of 
> multilayered GIMP image and compressed single-layered jpeg, gif or png.
you are right if you compare an XCF and single-layered. But what about 
if you just have some Jpg files (grabed from a camera for ex.) and that 
you just want to optimize them to send them to some friends or 
eventually put on a gallery. In this case, you have bot single-layered 
(and more : same file format). And being able to see what space is eally 
won regarding the loss of qualty can be nice. THis is not a esthetic 
reason at all. But you are the master of it ;)
> However, I am sure original image dimensions should be displayed in 
> resize panel, so that user could restore them.
> Do you think any additional information about original or optimized 
> image should be provided? Is the user interface intuitive enough or 
> something should be changed?
This is nice like this for me. I know some friend like to modify color 
table in gifs and png-8. May be having the list of colors (like 
palettes), and allowing the user to modify the colors would help them. 
But may be it is a long way for a little benefit. I'm not good enough in 
coding to ealuate that. Snif.

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