On Sat, 2007-01-13 at 13:35 +0300, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:

> 1. Is it planned to have separate+ as part of 2.4? There was some
> mentioning of it in gimp-developer@, but the thread came from some
> other mailing list or a private discussion, so no clues.

I thought about having it in 2.4 but I think it's probably best
distributed seperately until we find the time to integrate it properly.
Since we are almost ready for 2.4, we should probably not add any new
plug-ins at this point.

> 3. Is it planned to support OpenIcc's initiative to look for profiles
> in /usr/color/icc and ~/color/icc on Linux and standard profiles
> directories on other systems? If no, why?

Yes, we plan to support it at some point. But it's too late to implement
this for 2.4. Fortunately though we are planning to release 2.6 shortly
after and that should give us the chance to add a proper ICC profile
selection widget that can be used from the core and from plug-ins.

> 5. Main question: is color management going to be enabled by default
> in 2.4? With Scribus we found out that users actually demand it (on
> all platforms) and that it is safe, if sane defaults are used.

Not sure yet. It depends on how well it works by then and if we manage
to find sane defaults.


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