my name is Manfred and I am from Munich. Currently I am working with the 
latest stable version of The Gimp (2.2.13).

I have some pictures where the horizon is crooked. I use the rotate tool of 
The Gimp to correct this. However the rotate tool could be more user 
friendly. Currently I am doing the following:

- Point with the mouse on the left hand side of the horizon.
- Point on the right hand size
- Calculate arctan of (delta y / delta x).

It would be nice if the rotate tool could do that for me. It could work this 
- Click on the left hand size of the horizon
- Shift-click on the right hand size
- The rotate tool calculates the angle.

What do you think about my suggestion?

By the way, the point which marks the rotation centre is sometimes difficult 
to see. It's black if I move it to a white part of the picture and it's white 
if I move it to a black part of the picture. However it nearly has the same 
colour as its background if I move it to a grey part of the image.

Best regards
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