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> Hi,
> On Fri, 2007-01-19 at 10:05 +0100, Alessandro Falappa wrote:
>>> (3) Should gimp-remote still be built and installed even if the d- 
>>> bus
>>> functionality is built into the gimp exectuable? The patch currently
>>> doesn't change this, it just removes the reference to gimp-remote  
>>> from
>>> the gimp.desktop file.
>> IMHO yes.
> May I ask why that's your opinion?

Misunderstanding of question from my side.
I actually meant "yes, the new d-bus approach should be preferred  
over gimp-remote".
If there's no mean to detect d-bus availability one can leave the  
choice between using either the new code or gimp-remote to the user  
via configure switches.

Alessandro Falappa

Alessandro Falappa

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