Current crop implementation (2.3.14) is very nice though it lacks a 
listbox with user-defined ratios. I really love it. The 2.3.14 has 
introduced a little inconvenience from my POV: the corner rectangles are 
too much bright. They interfere with an attempt to value the composition 
while framing. Could they become less in size and dimmer? Could the 
saturation of the frame itself become dimmer or be changed by user? The 
idea of colour inversion (or difference) is wonderful itself.

There are several requests on Russian Gimp list to combine cropping and 
scaling. I'd ask it too. My typical workflow always contains these 
operations one after another if fixed ratio is used. I crop the image 
with fixed ratio, defined by desired picture size, say 1795x1205. The 
aim is to obtain a final picture of 1795x1205 pixels. So the second 
operation is to scale the result of the crop to 1795x1205. If a crop 
tool contained a checkbox: scale to the fixed ratio pixels, one wouldn't 
have to: select scaling from the menu, type one of the sizes and click 

With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich
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