I can think of a nice addition to the screenshot plug-in that someone
might want to try to implement. We could then perhaps include this for
2.6. The point of this idea is that it introduces a feature that is
unique and cannot be done (easily) in the desktop environment's
screenshot utility.

Compositing window managers are becoming popular and GTK+ 2.10 even
allows us to find out if the current screen is composited
(gdk_screen_is_composited ()). On a composited screen it should be
possible to traverse the window hierarchy and take screenshots of all
visible windows. The screenshot plug-in could do that, create a layer
for each screenshot and place it at the right offset. The result would
be an image that looks like a screenshot of the whole screen. But it
would have separate layers for each window (including popup menus). This
would allow you to rearrange the screenshot later (hiding some windows
for examples).

This might be a nice idea for a Super Screenshot plug-in or just as a
patch that we can include after the 2.4 release.


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