there's one more thing that we need to get done before 2.4 and that's
updating the list of contributors. As we have discussed last year at
LGM, it would be a good idea to also introduce some way to differentiate
between active and inactive contributors. Currently when users look at
the About dialog they see a loooong list of authors and might get the
impression that the GIMP project has plenty of active developers. We all
know that this is not true.

I would like to propose that we add some sort of attribute in the
authors.xml file to mark active contributors (perhaps active="yes", or
last-active="2.4"). I propose that we define a contributor as active if
she has done a substantial contribution in the last development cycle.

The AUTHORS file in the source tree should probably continue to list all
authors, perhaps categorized into active and inactive. But I would like
the About dialog in 2.4 to display only active contributors. Does that
sound reasonable?

Do we have a volunteer for updating the list of contributors?


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