Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The screenshot plug-in could do that, create a layer
> for each screenshot and place it at the right offset. The
> result would be an image that looks like a screenshot of
> the whole screen. But it would have separate layers for
> each window (including popup menus). This would allow you
> to rearrange the screenshot later (hiding some windows
> for examples).

Truly useful for some of the article-writing stuff I do from
time to time. (-:

I'd use it for replacing images with something harmless,
highlighting display elements (like menu items) and the like.
Maybe replacing furniture from one WM with chunks from
another (e.g. paste GNOME or Win32 kit over the top of KDE
or XFCE). From a presenter's point of view, it'd be dream-land.

Cheers; Leon
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