peter sikking writes:
> I got the feeeeling that ksnapshot manages to take a snapshot of
> the window + menu. There is where I got the idea. But reading
> the documentation again, they do not 100% promise this.

I should have tried ksnapshot before!  It does get the menus --
even on Edgy where GIMP's snapsnot just gets garbage.
If you have the mouse over only a menu, ksnapshot will even
give you just the menu without the window containing it.

ksnapshot solves the delay problem in a nice clean way:
they have only one (pre-selection) delay, but their window selection
is "Window under cursor" -- you don't need to click to select
the window. That solves everything without requiring two delays.
It's a nice solution!

(Now off to poke around X and think about Sven's fabulous super-
layered-screenshot idea.)

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