On 2/7/07, gg wrote:

> I should probably have chosen a more precise and less emotive term than
> lame. In chosing "save for the web" the use indicates he does not know
> what is involved and is expecting gimp to magically do it for him, not
> unreasonably since the program is offering that as an option. I believe
> offering that option to be a mistake. It seems to be mainly motivated by
> "Photoshop does it so we ought to as well".

When you save JPEGs, generally you do it either for web-gallery, or
for print, or for display (to be used as wallpaper or something).

Peter might correct me, but "Save for Web" implies doing a tradeoff
between quality and file size, whereas neither print nor display
destinations require that.

Thus "Save for Web" is a plug-in that deals with a specialized
usecase. That's it.

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