Hello everyone.  I have been in chat in #gimp about this for a few 
hours today, and so far have had some mixed responses. I am volunteering 
my time to create a new GIMP Plug-In Registry and have been assembling 
some code and new database for this work.

    However, it should be noted that the mixed responses I have received 
have been to the fact that I am building this in PHP.  I was reminded by 
one of the members in #gimp to put these questions forth to this list:

    - Do you want a new system built?

    - Is PHP/MySQL acceptable?

    - Having done a good share of the work already, would it be useful 
to anyone to try this once it is ready if they are skeptical?

    I have the documents from the last Google SoC which outlines the 
proposed database and feature set, and I can honestly say that the 
database is not a problem, nor are the features that were requested.  It 
would be nice to see the community get something good out of this and I, 
an avid user of GIMP, would like to give something back to the community 
that helps build this.

Best Regards,

Devin Watson

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