On Sun, 2007-02-18 at 18:02 +0900, Yoshinori Yamakawa wrote:

> I improved lcms display filter for the reference.
> More informations, examples, patch and Win32 binaries are available at:
>   http://cue.yellowmagic.info/softwares/cdisplay_lcms_trial.html

Let me add some comments to this. Perhaps this can help to get some
patches that can actually be committed. I am pasting snippets from your
website here (it would have been much easier if you had sent a mail to
the list instead of putting this online).

 Color management(lcms) display filter
   Supports image's own color profile, so you can get better color
   preview on the monitor.

It is of course correct that the display filter needs to respect the
color profile that is attached to the image. Your change does however
implement this by including header files from the core in the display
filter module. That may work but it is not acceptable from a software
design point of view. We will have to add an API that allows display
filter modules to ask for image parasites and also to monitor changes to
image parasites. The display filter can then do it's job without needing
to know anything about the internals of GIMP. This will allow us to
change these internals and this will also allow us to use the same
display filter modules to color-correct previews in plug-in dialogs.

  lcms plug-in
   In the image properties dialog box, you can check whether the profile
   is embedded into the image.

I fail to see how this is useful. Can you explain why you made this
change? The user shouldn't have to worry whether the profile is attached
to the image or only implicitly set.

  Sample scripts
    Utilities for assigning / converting colorspaces.

These scripts are useful but the plan was to add this functionality
directly to the LCMS plug-in. The existing procedures just need to have
dialogs added so that they can be run interactively. That should make
for a nicer user interface than what Script-Fu can offer.


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