As I've been using the healing brush very intensively while retouching 
since it appeared , so could I add my 5c?

        The healing brush tool works rather pretty now from user's POV. How 
much does it follow the other tools logic - it doesn't mean much for a 
user when he has got acquainted with the tool action and have used to 
it. The healing brush is quite usable now (it is used very often along 
with the clone tool) and deserves staying in the release even in its 
current state. It works and its action is hard to be replaced with any 
other tool. If anybody asked me - or any other user - what would I 
prefer: a perfectly polished tool in the future or a _working_ tool now 
which would be polished in the same future? I guess the answer is trivial.

What do I miss from the healing brush now? I'll try to express.

1. As the healing brush uses some data from outer regions of the brush 
and this results in the picture appearance (f.i. using it close to lips 
will make a skin near mouth reddish) I'd like to see the outline of the 
whole area which is used for approximations as a dim outer circle 

2. I'd like to have an ability to adjust the "texturation" of the 
healing area manually. I always use the clone and healing brush tools 
with 50% opacity as it is much more controllable and the result looks 
better (conforms the whole appearance better). Rather often the healing 
brush result is too smooth and looks vanished. In this case I use clone 
tool to preliminary filling the area and then use healing brush to 
smooth it a little. So if I could adjust (increase) the texture of the 
source area it could help in many cases. This is the one and only 
solution when some parts of the skin are fully redrawn due overexposure. 
They should have natural look, which is due to texture also.

3. Personally I do not suffer very much from the fact the tool works 
once without dragging. As the process is interactive and incremental the 
possible benefits of productivity could be rather small.

4. If it is possible, I'd like to see a common source for the clone and 
healing brush tools as they are often used consequently at the same 
area. I mean switching between them should not require clicking 
Ctrl+mouse again.

With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich
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