I submitted Bug #409802 on Bugzilla, but it was
suggested that I post it here for discussion.  Here is
the initial submittal from the bug.  Please review bug
#409802 if more clarification is required.


Opened by [EMAIL PROTECTED] (reporter, points: 3) 
2007-02-19 23:18 UTC [reply] 
It would be useful to add a temporary magnifying
window that would provide a
zoomed-in view of the area immediately surrounding the
cursor.  This could be
accessed, for example, by pressing SHIFT+Z, upon which
a small window would
open up and display the area around the cursor.  The
window that pops up could
have some check boxes for the amount of magnification
to be used (1x, 2x, 3x,
5x, etc.).

This functionality would be very useful when making
selections with the pen
tool, lasso tool, etc.

Another way to implement this would be to have the
magnification value in the
preferences, and instead of opening up a separate
window for the magnified view
you enlarge a circular region immediately surrounding
the cursor (would look
just like you were holding a real magnifying glass
over the screen, and would
move with the cursor).

I tried searching for something similar to this
suggestion, but didn't find
anything.  Sorry if it's a duplicate.

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