Hi guys. First post to the list, sorry for an off topic post (I did 
start a new thread, so I hope its okay :)

 > gg: mouse wheels are not universally available, so they can
 > never be part of the primary solution. Like second monitors,
 > they are extras, and we provide extra UI and shortcuts to
 > help the people who have them, and actually like them.

I have recently shortcutted my scroll wheel to be the zoom tool in gimp, 
which is great, but i would love to know if the behaviour can be changed 

If I have a large image, that fits the screen, and i want to quickly 
zoom into the corner, i have to zoom (at the moment with the scroll 
button, or previously with the = key) and then move the image to the 
coner (as the zoom tool seems to zoom into the center of the current 
view). It would be fantastic to use the mouse pointer as the area to 
zoom into.

Google sketch up does this and Its really easy to zoom in and out, 
without having to use the hand tool at all.

This functionality could be useful for scroll wheel zooming, key zooming 
(when the mouse is on the screen) or default to the center of the image 
if the mouse is not in the image (in the case of clicking the zoom icon, 
or using the menu).

I've had a quick look but found no options at the moment in Gimp to do 
such a thing. If someone could tell me how, that would be great. Or if 
it's not possible, is it a thing worth persuing. I'm looking for a small 
project to get myself familiar with the gimp source code.



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