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> I want to realize these operations by using computer program language:
> http://www.gimptalk.com/forum/topic/My-First-Tutorial-Blending-Images-In-Gimp-106-1.html
> I select gimp software,because I think gimp is open source code,but I found
> there are too many code to read,I can't find what I need.
> So where to find these codes? or please give some clue about the operation
> process.
> thank you very much

Zhang Chi,

It sounds as though you are interested in writing a separate program  
that performs similar operations to the GIMP. I am sure that many  
people (including myself) are willing to help you but I don't think  
that this mailing list is the appropriate place to seek such help.  
This mailing list is for programmers of the GIMP to discuss how to  
improve it -- not to explain how it works to programmers wishing to do  
similar things on other projects.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions and wanting to learn how  
the GIMP works; indeed, one of the great things about the GIMP is  
sharing such information. It is just that it would be better if you  
asked your questions either on the GUG Forum or the GIMPtalk Forum  
where you found the tutorial. This will let the GIMP developers focus  
on the important task of improving the GIMP.


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